Win anything from PlayStation 3s to iPhones on our website, it's easy just place a bid and watch the timer reach zero!

About is the first and only reverse penny auction only site on the web solely devoted to military, tactical, survival, camping and many many more products.  Other auction sites, the price of the products increase with each bid and with traditional penny auction sites, you pay to increase the bid price.  With reverse penny auction sites like, each time you bid, you reduce the price!  There are no gimmicks, tricks or misleading and an auction never starts above MSRP, in fact, many auctions begin much lower than MSRP.

This is an incredible new concept and revolutionary style of ecommerce and is very excited to be the first to bring it to a new industry and for our customers, it is a very unique opportunity to save an extraordinary amount of money on their purchases. 

We thank you for joining us and look forward to your business! is devoted to providing the highest quality customer service, most user friendly and easy to navigate website and of course the best possible prices for our products. 

Founded in 2012, is a brand new and exciting enterprise, branching out into a new arena of ecommerce and will settle for nothing short of success in this new adventure. 

Mission Statement:

The goal of is simple.  It is to bring the highest quality products in the military, tactical, camping, etc product categories from the most trusted brands in the industry to customers who otherwise may not be able to afford so many products of such high quality due to their high prices.  Now, everyone has the opportunity to purchase these high quality products for literally pennies and we want our customers to have fun in the process.

All products on the website are of the highest quality from the most trusted brands in their respective industries with long standing reliance. is a first of its kind.  Like other penny auction sites, you purchase bid packages which result in you having a price per bid amount.  However, unlike other penny auction websites where you pay per bid as well to drive the price up, is comprised only of Reverse Penny Auctions.  What this means is with each bid a customer places, the price of the item actually goes down!  Because of this, even if an auction begins at $100 or more, if you are the last customer to place a bid on the auction, you could potentially purchase the item for $0.25 or less depending on which bid package you purchase.  That’s it.  No tricks, no gimmicks and we will even ship your item express for FREE! 

What sets apart from other penny auction websites? 

This is a very good question and one which we enjoy answering.  We have done vast amounts of examining into what causes other similar websites to fail and have made great efforts to address every issue. 

Some websites overcomplicated the process confusing customers and making it hard for them to understand how the auctions work or complicate the signup process.  To put simply, we do our best to keep it simple following the KISS Method.   We want your shopping experience to be as easy and as pleasant as possible.  

Some over-advertise their customers.  Unless you sign up for out Newsletters, you will receive no additional solicitation from and we will NEVER share, sell or otherwise allow your personal information to be handled by anyone trying to advertise to you.  Other than possibly a link on our website to our affiliates, we also do not allow for any popups or other type of advertising on our website to avoid sacrificing our customers browsing experience just for a bit of cash.  Again, we want your shopping experience to be as easy and as pleasant as possible.  

Most have a time increase when a bid is made.  This is normal among penny auction websites.  So an issue many customers have is they just don't like to sit there and wait for an auction to end if it can just keep having time added with each bid.  In addition to ending some auctions at $0 or at a set time, with our Bid Butler system, this does not have to be the case for you any longer as you can automate many of your bids if you choose.

For some websites, they just could not compete with other websites who spend untold amounts on advertising who sell the same item.  There are countless penny auction websites selling the latest tech gadgets which gives them no unique identity and eventually, they all start to look the same. is the first of its kind.  To the best of our knowledge, there are no other 100% Reverse Auction websites.  Also, to the best of our knowledge, there are no other penny auction websites in this type of industry, making us a truly unique website.

This brings us to our next biggest issue, cost.  Because there are so many selling the same products, to set themselves apart they spend fortunes on advertising.  I’m sure you’ve seen many of these advertisements on TV, online and elsewhere.  This raises the price per bid they must charge in order to cover these advertising costs before being able to establish any profit and many never do.  Since we are so unique, strive to use as much free advertisement through social media as possible and otherwise use advertising very strategically, we do not have those same overheads, allowing you to have cheaper prices per bids.  In addition, "word of mouth" is by far the best form of advertising.  With traditional penny auction websites, customers would understandably not be as motivated to share good news of those sites, as the higher number of customers brought to the site means the higher the prices go for each auction due to the increased number of bidders.  In contrast, customers would want to share with as many as possible as the higher number of customers and bids means LOWER prices for each auction so you help each other in a way, once again saving us on advertising costs, thus cost to our customers.

The biggest issue we find with other penny auction sites is the issue of very few winners of their auctions.  The more customers pay to drive up prices and continue to pay for bids without ever actually winning auctions; soon customers grow tired of paying for nothing and leave.  As with any business, no customers, soon means no business.  To combat this issue, we are striving for a high number of auctions and repeat auctions to give our customers the best chances at winning their desired products.  Most sites only offer a few dozen at most auctions at any given time, however at any one time we hope to maintain hundreds, if not thousands of auctions.   We are also working on a program to allow for the losers of auctions who place a certain number of bids in the auctions to have the options of being allowed to reuse bids or apply the amounts spent bidding towards a discounted price for the retailed price of the auctioned product(s), among other options.

Finally, a very significant complaint of many is the non shipping of products or as many TV adveritised products, very slow shipping. offers free express shipping for all of their products.

Because of these and many other reasons, we feel we can separate ourselves from the rest.  We are also always open for suggestion from our customers on how we can improve our service.  We enjoy receiving feedback so please do not ever hesitate to contact us.

We hope you enjoy your bidding experience with us at and look forward to giving you the best deals on the web!